What is Cloudwork® Identity Access Manager?

Cloudwork Today, IT departments are moving away from traditional internal solutions to the cloud. But cloud access requires multiple credentials, which create management issues and ambiguous audit paths. The Cloudwork Identity Manager provides a single indentity solution which integrates identity credentials for users and IT departments, providing security, efficiency, auditable logging and lower costs.

Download the Cloudwork Brochure here.

What Does Cloudwork Identity Manager Provide?

Cloudwork IAM Problem Solution
Single Sign-On Users are frustrated by multiple usernames and passwords for cloud services, which impacts on efficiency and productivity. Single Sign-On gives users easy, straightforward access to the cloud, improving user experience and productivity.
Single Credential Control Gartner estimates 20-30% of expensive help desk effort could be saved with easier, automated user credential management. Single Credential Control offers IT departments less costly systems by reducing complexity with automated credentials.
Single Identity Management Enterprises have legal obligations to provide auditable logging in cases of misuse, which is difficult with multiple credentials. Single Identity Management helps organisations meet legal obligations, through automated auditable identity processes.

Cloudwork Capabilities

Cloudwork's Identity Access Manager allows one single sign-on password to be used for multiple services. It securely and automatically synchronises identity data from management systems such as accounts, passwords, group lists and shared contacts. For example, in the educational sphere Cloudwork integrates management, content and learning systems, cloud services, library systems and teacher resources. Cloudwork IAM provides:

  • Universal Password: Single password login for multiple cloud & local services
  • Account Provisioning: Google accounts, auto-transfer of archive, inbox, contacts, calendar support
  • BYOD Multi-Device Support: Flexible support for desktops, tablets, mobile phones
  • Account Maintenance: automatic account maintenance from local network credentials