Benefits of Cloudwork IAM

  • Reduces risk 1: your key intellectual property is backed up independently of your cloud provider
  • Reduces risk 2: your key intellectual property is under your direct control, regardless of the actions of employees or their change of status
  • Reduces administration cost: maintain account IDs and passwords in one place instead of many
  • Increases convenience: staff only need to remember one ID and password to access multiple sites
  • Increases productivity: staff sign in once, and access multiple different services
  • Improves brand recognition: access to company facilities occurs under your own company's brand
  • Gains jurisdictional protection: you choose whether your data is stored in Australia or overseas
  • Increases functionality: Offers functions and capabilities not yet offered by service providers
  • Improves integration: Corporate management and IT systems can be integrated with cloud services

Cloud Issues — and Cloudwork IAM Solutions

Issue: Multiple Identity Protocols

  • Plus: different identity formats are useful to different organisations
  • Minus: external software needs compliance with multiple industry standards
Cloudwork bridges the gap between applications and multiple identity standards

Issue: Employee Arrivals and Departures

  • Plus: employee turnover brings dynamic new energy
  • Minus: demands multiple provisioning, and de-provisioning for departures
Cloudwork allows fast single-point changes to multiple access authorisations

Issue: Bring Your Own Device

  • Plus: enhances employee productivity
  • Minus: risks of multiple passwords being stored on non-company devices
Cloudwork implements location and device-dependent BYOD access

Issue: Employee Use of Web Resources

  • Plus: offers new ideas, information on industry developments
  • Minus: may lead to potential inappropriate usage
Cloudwork offers configurable control and content filtering capabilities

Issue: External Partner Integration

  • Plus: enhances efficient supply chains and business processes
  • Minus: careless integration may expose confidential internal resources
Cloudwork provides master access control for integrating external partners