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We've been going since 1 July 1996 - that's 9763 days of continuous operations!

Coherent Cloud's Cloudwork Identity Management product has grown from the need for large network operators to gain the budgetary and functional advantages of cloud services from within their local networks. Over recent years we've been listening to their comments and building a product to suit their identity management requirements.

Now Cloudwork has been refined so that small businesses can gain the same fine control of their own cloud data. They do this through integrated operations that use identity management infrastructure as a data-exchange facility between disparate applications. This maintains control of their private data independently of the cloud services, and also delivers a user experience that is fully branded as belonging to the small business itself.

Today we have over 80,000 registered users relying upon our services. Their lives are easier, simpler and more secure from having greater control of the data they've entrusted to their cloud-based services. Because Cloudwork has grown out of real world usage, we've had the opportunity to subject it to testing and examination by many different external bodies. Implementations using our technology have been recipients of awards for privacy, security and innovation.

Coherent Cloud was previously known as PPS Internet, provider of managed network and hosting services since 1996.


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